• Strategic Team Leadership Skills
    Energizing Leadership through Personality Type Preference

    Participate in a seminar that will be a seamless fit with what you are doing, experiencing and or find challenging. Let’s talk. This seminar will give you a dynamic PD toolbox. You and your staff might be running on empty and the outcomes you want just eludes you and your agency. Robert Sutton of Harvard said that one non-performing member in a team causes a 37% loss of productivity. On average 74% of the workforce is not actively engaged in the workplace. Once a person realizes that it is not so much how other people treat them that matters most but how they treat and think about themselves the battle with self is half won.

    The workshop is based on research on personality type preference. I just wanted to sketch an overview of what we do during this interactive workshop:

    1. We do a Personality type assessment. Participants will understand their own personality type preferences; how they communicate, make decisions and deal with conflict and interact with other types. This is a great workshop for case managers and supervisors and anyone who understands that you have to work with and through other people to accomplish the organizational meeting. They may not hear you because they process information differently. As a seasoned Executive Director in Human Services, professor and practitioner, I know that this workshop will have a tremendous impact on the skill sets of Managers, Supervisors and people who understand that you have to work with and through other people to accomplish the organizational mission.
    2. We give a handout with four columns, one says what your type is comfortable with, another what your type has difficulty with, how your type can perform better in the team and how you can understand and work with other types.
    3. Each participant will then make a personalized lifestyle collage. In this exercise they revisit their past, capture the present and construct their future in pictures only. The rationale is to bring them to the understanding that each one is responsible for their own purpose, passion and participation. They need to confront societal scripts that is not beneficial to them.
    4. The workshop concludes with every participant presenting their vision and mission statement to the group.

    This is a serious, fun, workshop. Animated but real.

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